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Clinical Associate application

The Clinical Associate membership category allows adult-trained psychoanalytic psychotherapists who are registered with BPC through a different member institute (MI), or adult-trained psychoanalytic psychotherapists who are registered with UKCP (or similar) but have long standing links to the profession in general, to participate in several of SIP’s activities. It is not, and must never be intended to convey, a qualification or full membership with SIP, and must never be alluded to in such a way as to mislead others about this.

Clinical Associates will receive information about our Continuing Professional Development events, study days, the annual public lecture, and will gain access to PEP-Web. They will be invited to General Meetings of the membership and may, in certain circumstances, be co-opted onto a SIP committee or invited to give seminars to training candidates, though Clinical Associates will not have voting rights at AGMs or EGMs and may not chair a committee unless they apply for full SIP membership through the direct entry scheme.

Clinical Associate membership currently costs £90 per year, plus £61 per year for PEP-Web subscription (NB: the latter is not payable if you are already subscribed to PEP).

The SIP membership year runs from 1st of September to the 31st of August. The fee payable for the first year of membership is calculated on a pro rata basis to the 1st of the nearest month of acceptance of an application.

If you are interested in joining SIP as a Clinical Associate, please fill out the application form below, attaching proof of your current BPC (or equivalent) registration if applicable.

We will respond, normally via email, within 14 business days to confirm the outcome of your application.

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Membership Details

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Clinical Associates must be subscribed to PEP-Web through the the Severnside Institute unless they are already registered via another Member Institution (MI) with a similar ‘roster-based’ arrangement or have an ‘APA Division 39’ subscription.

If you have any questions, please submit these via email to membership@sipsychotherapy.org