Learn with us

We offer an extensive range of learning opportunities from shorter seminar series through to full trainings in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy leading to membership of SIP and professional registration with the British Psychoanalytic Council.

We are committed to our full trainings being established around an intensive experience of training therapy. This is at a frequency of twice-weekly for the psychodynamic training and three times per week for the psychoanalytic training. This does make the personal therapy aspect of our trainings more expensive than the once-weekly requirements of other trainings but we find that this more profound experience is foundational for deeper presence, engagement and containment in longer-term psychodynamic and psychoanalytic work.

Graduates are offered membership of SIP which provides collegiate support, professional development opportunities and new referrals by way of the Consultation and Referral Service. While no one gets rich as psychotherapist the reputation of SIP members is such that there is no shortage of work once qualified. Feedback from graduates regarding the trainings is very positive.

Getting started

Our Introductory Course provides a grounding in psychoanalytic concepts and is the foundation for all later training. Mind at Work is currently offered as a continuation to this course.

Further study or preparing to train

Our Introductory Courses and the Pre-Clinical Courses can be taken as stand-alone seminar series or as preparation for our professional psychodynamic trainings and psychoanalytic trainings. We also offer a Modified Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training for those, e.g. child psychotherapists, who do not require a full adult training.

Need more information?

Please contact our Training Co-ordinator using the contact form below or call our office on 01179 273 898 – please note our Training Co-ordinator is available Wednesday – Friday.