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Psychoanalysis: Not just a luxury presented by Judith L. Mitrani

30 October 2021 @ 10:00 AM

  • Online event
  • Saturday 30th October 2021
  • 10 am – 12 pm
    • Lecture from 10 am
    • Q&A from 11.15 am
  • Tickets £10 – £35

Access to a recording will be made available to ticket holders following the event.

About the lecture

In his memoir, The Long Weekend, 1897-1919: Part of a Life, Wilfred Bion wrote that his book was “about the relationships of one man and not about the people, communities, or groups whose names are mentioned.” He also confided, “If I could have resorted to abstractions, I would have done so. However, such a procedure, without any preparation, would leave the reader grappling with meaningless manipulations of jargon.” 

Curiously enough, not unlike Bion, when writing this paper, I was tempted to ‘resort to abstractions’ that would have been less self-revealing than what I have written for this occasion. But, as Bion pointed out, “that would result in an exercise in the meaningless manipulation of jargon.” 

So, instead of manipulating jargon, I will speak from my experience as best I can and in plain language, which may say little about others but instead lean more toward the personal and even the autobiographical. I will of course speak to you about what it’s like for psychoanalyst in good health and at the top of her game to decide that it is time to retire, the emotional experience of having to say goodbye to patients, supervisees, and colleagues, and to move into a new life in a new country pursuing a desired occupation that would not have been possible had I continued in my daily clinical practice. I have also attempted to give you something I only could’ve learned from experience: why our training in psychoanalysis is so important for us as clinicians and how it can be vitally essential to those people with whom we work, sometimes the most severely disturbed. Not having completely fallen off the wagon, I will of course present clinical material to support my opinions and demonstrate what these opinions are based upon.

If I succeed in the task that I have set forward, what I have written may have an aesthetic rather than an anaesthetic impact on those of you who will sacrifice your precious leisure time to attend this online event.

About the speaker

Judith Mitrani, PhD, FIPA is an Emeritus Training and Supervising Analyst at The Psychoanalytic Center of California (PCC). She was the founding Chair of The Frances Tustin Memorial Trust and the authored the books Framework for the Imaginary: Clinical Explorations in Primitive States of Being, (1996/2008), Ordinary People & Extraordinary Protections: A Post-Kleinian Approach to the Treatment of Primitive Mental States (2001) and Taking the Transference: Clinical Essays on Psychoanalytic Technique and Theory (2014). She was also co-editor (with Dr. Theodore Mitrani) of the books Encounters with Autistic States: A Memorial Tribute to Frances Tustin (1997) and Frances Tustin Today (2015). She now resides in Paris, France.