We welcome applications for membership from psychotherapists who have completed a training in psychoanalytic or psychodynamic psychotherapy equivalent to SIP’s own training.

Members of other Membership Institutes of BPC can also join SIP as a Clinical Associate, allowing them to attend SIP’s CPD events, participate in the delivery of SIP Training, subscribe to various journals and publications at a discounted rate and join SIP’s Committees.

Psychoanalytic membership

The basic requirements to join SIP as a psychoanalytic member are that:

  • You have had psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy with an approved therapist at a minimum frequency of three times per week throughout your training
  • You have worked with two patients intensively (at least three times per week)
    • One patient will have been seen for at least two years, and the other for at least eighteen months
    • Therapy with these patients has been supervised by an approved supervisor(s) throughout training

Psychodynamic membership

The basic requirements to join SIP as a psychodynamic member are that:

  • You have undertaken 3 -4  years of twice-weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy with a BPC registered and approved training therapist
  • You have worked with two patients for psychotherapy at least twice per week, for one year (equating to at least 250 hours of psychodynamic psychotherapy in total)
  • You have received a minimum of 120 hours of supervision with a BPC registered and approved psychoanalytic or psychodynamic training therapist

Clinical associateship

Clinical associateship is available to any adult-trained psychoanalytic psychotherapist registered with the BPC through a different member institute or, exceptionally, to psychoanalytic psychotherapists registered with other equivalent organisations. Clinical Associates can participate in SIP’s CPD activities and be invited to give seminars to training candidates.