We have members with full voting rights who are either psychodynamically or psychoanalytically trained. Members of other Membership Institutes of BPC can join as Clinical Associates.

Psychoanalytic membership

We welcome applications for membership from psychotherapists who have completed a training in psychoanalytical psychotherapy equivalent to SIP’s own training. The basic requirements are that:

  • You would need to have had psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy with an approved therapist at a minimum frequency of three times weekly throughout training.
  • You will have worked with two patients for intensive psychotherapy at least three times weekly.
  • One patient will have been seen for at least two years, and the other for at least eighteen months.
  • Therapy with these patients would need to have been supervised by approved supervisors throughout training

To apply for psychoanalytic membership please complete and submit this Application Form (Word document).

Your application will be considered by SIP to determine whether Direct Entry as described here, or our Modified Training is appropriate for you.

We would prefer an electronically submitted version, as described on the Application Form. If you can’t use a Word document,  please contact the Administrative Assistant.

Psychodynamic membership

Psychodynamic psychotherapists who have completed a training  equivalent to SIP’s training are welcome to apply for psychodynamic membership of SIP.

  • You would need to have had undertaken 3-4 years of twice-weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy with an BPC registered and approved training therapist
  • You will have worked with two patients for psychotherapy at least twice- weekly for one year and 250 hours of psychodynamic psychotherapy in total
  • You will have received a minimum of 120 hours of supervision with a BPC registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist who is approved as a psychoanalytic or psychodynamic training therapist

To apply for psychodynamic membership please complete and submit this Application Form (Word Document)

We would prefer an electronically submitted version. If you can’t use a Word document, please contact the SIP Administrator.

Clinical associateship

This is available to any adult trained psychoanalytic psychotherapist who is registered with the BPC through a different member institute or, exceptionally, to psychoanalytic psychotherapists registered with other equivalent organisations. Clinical Associates can participate in SIP’s CPD activities that are offered to full members. Please contact the SIP Administrator for further details.