MONDAY 19th AUGUST 2019 (8am) – MONDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER 2019 (8am)

Orchard Street Therapy Rooms Closure (11 Orchard St)

The building will be closed for its annual Summer closure to allow for maintenance and repairs, no training/therapy will be permitted during this time.

SATURDAY 12th OCTOBER 2019 – SIP Annual Lecture 2019: “I hope you die and I hope it’s soon” presented by Professor Brett Kahr

Radisson Blue Hotel, BS1 4BY

11 Orchard St, BS1 5EH

Do parental death wishes actually exist? And if so, what impact might such unconscious hatred have upon the long-term development of the child? In this presentation, Professor Brett Kahr will examine the toxic, even nuclear, impact of infanticidal wishes across the life cycle.

More information and tickets available here.