This training leads to:

Applicants to the training must have successfully completed the SIP’s Pre-Clinical Courses in Classical Freudian Theory and Work Discussion prior to the start of the course.

Fees and Applications

The closing date for applications is 31st March for courses starting the following September.

Information on our fees and application forms for all of our courses can be found here.


Psychoanalytic psychotherapy has traditionally been orientated towards intensive clinical work, which involves three or more sessions each week and open-ended duration of therapy. In many contemporary settings for psychotherapy, particularly in the public and voluntary sectors, it is often not feasible or appropriate to work in this way. Drawing on psychoanalytic thinking, psychodynamic psychotherapy has emerged in which therapy is conducted on a once- or twice-weekly basis, and sometimes using a time-limited contract.

Course components

The course uses the same three components as a traditional training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, with an orientation to less intensive therapy:

  • Personal therapy
    Therapy is at a minimum of two sessions per week.
  • Supervised clinical work
    Clinical work will usually be with patients in once-weekly therapy. Therapy may be conducted in agency contexts or private practice.
    Candidates must conduct 200 hours of supervised therapy.
  • A two-year programme of theoretical and clinical seminars
    Seminars will address the psychoanalytic tradition, alternative psychotherapeutic modalities, and issues arising from the context of less intensive and time-limited work.
    Seminars take place in central Bristol on one evening per week (3½ hours), in three terms each year

Candidates with no experience of psychiatric contexts will be required to take a psychiatric placement in the course of the training.


You will have a personal tutor throughout the course for support and guidance.

Course starting date

There will be an intake of trainees each September if there are sufficient numbers of suitably qualified applicants.

Duration of training

It is envisaged that candidates will be able to complete the training within 2½ to 4 years from the start of the course.


There is continuous assessment of all aspects of the training. Written work is an integral part of the course, including:

  • short papers relating to the theoretical seminars
  • regular reports on the clinical work undertaken
  • a final clinical paper of 5000-7500 words

Entry requirements

  • Completion of the SIP Pre-Clinical Courses in Classical Freudian Theory and Work Discussion prior to the start of the course. It may be possible to take these in the same year.
  • Twice-weekly therapy with an SIP Training Therapist beginning at least one-year prior to the start of the course, and continuing throughout the training.
  • Qualification and professional experience in psychotherapy, counselling, or the broader mental health field. However, suitable applications from candidates who do not meet this requirement will

Further information

If you require further information, please contact 0117 927 3898 or email