Introductory Course

A series of weekly lectures and seminars on psychoanalytic theories and concepts, extending over 2 terms of 10 evenings each, a total of 50 hours. This is the foundational course for all later trainings and should usually be completed before undertaking Pre-Clinical Training.

Download the IC programme 2017/18. Fees for 2017/18 are £ 800.00 (inc £100 deposit) Further details.

Application Form – Intro Course Application Form 2017-18

The course is now formally closed to applications. Late applicants should contact the Training Manager on

The Mind at Work

A 10 week course following on from the Introductory Course in Psychoanalytic Theories and Concepts. A course based on observation and seminars, aiming to understand unconscious process in the workplace. Further details.

Course application and further information

Either use the Contact Form or telephone or 0117 927 3898 or email