Pre-Clinical Courses

We offer pre-clinical courses in Classical Freudian Theory, Infant Observation and Work Discussion. These three courses are aimed at furthering your understanding of psychoanalytic thinking and practice and can be taken as stand-alone courses or as part of a psychotherapy training.

These courses will be of interest to anyone wishing to extend their understanding of the basis of psychoanalytic thinking and its application.  They may offer useful CPD learning to psychotherapists, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers or medical staff or used to complement training in other therapeutic modalities.

Completion of pre-clinical courses (or their equivalent) is required for entry to our clinical trainings or may be relevant to meeting the entry requirements of other BPC accredited training.   Those looking to pursue SIP’s clinical trainings are advised to inform themselves of the other entry requirements, including those for personal psychotherapy and clinical experience.  Precise information about other BPC accredited trainings should be sought directly from the other relevant training provider.

Presently, the availability of SIP Approved Training Therapists is limited and you may wish to explore this in tandem with taking SIP’s pre-clinical courses if you are considering pursuing a clinical training in due course.  If you are already enrolled in SIPs pre-clinical courses, you can ask your tutor for advice.  Alternatively, you can speak to SIP’s Admissions Adviser. Please contact the Training Administrator ([email protected]) for further information.

Please note:

Applications to join SIP’s clinical trainings for deferred entry in September 2024 are possible and interested applicants should contact [email protected] to discuss further ahead of an application closing date of 31st March 2023.  

There is no clinical training intake in September 2023 to accommodate delivery of the curriculum to existing trainees.  

Assuming places are still available, applications for 2024 entry will re-open between January and March 2024.

Applications for pre-clinical courses in Classical Freudian Theory, Work Discussion and Infant Observation will close on May 31st 2023, for a September 2023 start.  All three pre-clinical courses (or their equivalent) are pre-requisites for applying for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy clinical training.  Classical Freudian Theory and Work Discussion (or their equivalent) are pre-requisites for applying for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy clinical training