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No.AuthorTitleMissing since
1Jung, C. GMemories, Dreams, Reflections
2Wollheim, R.(ed)Freud, A Collection of Critical essays
3Freud, Sigmund2. New introductory lectures on Psychoanalysis
4Rycroft, CharlesA Critical Dictionary of Psychoanalysis
5Freud, SigmundThe Origins of Pscho-analysis Letters to Wilhelm Fliess
6Storr, A.The Dynamics of Creation
7Ricoeur, PFreud and Philosophy: an essay on interpretation
8Storr, A.Freud
9Freud, Sigmund4. The Interpretation of DreamsWithdrawn
10Rycroft, CharlesPsychoanalysis and Beyond
11Freud, Sigmund15. Historical and Expository works on Psychoanalysis
12Wollheim, R.Freud
13Freud, Sigmund12. Civilisation, Society and Religion
15Freud, Sigmund5. The Psychopathology of Everyday Life
16Freud, Sigmund10. On Psychopathology
17Freud, Sigmund1. Introductory Lectures on PsychoanalysisWithdrawn
18Freud, Sigmund7. On sexualityWithdrawn
19Freud, Sigmund13. The origins of religion
20Freud, Sigmund14. Art and Literature
21Freud, Sigmund8. Case histories 1'Dora' and 'Little Hans'
24Freud, Sigmund6. Jokes and their relation to the Unconscious
25Wallerstein, R. S.Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
27Fancher, R.E.Psychoanalytic Psychology, the development of Freud's Thought
28Jones, ErnestSigmund Freud, Life and Work vol. 1 The Young Freud 1856 - 1900
29Rieff, P.The Triumph of the Therapeutic
30Gardiner, M.(ed)The Wolf Man and Sigmund Freud
31Kline, P.Fact and Fantasy in Freudian theory
32Gay, P.Freud, A life for our time
33Pfeiffer, E.(ed)Sigmund Freud and Lou Andreas - Salome Letters
34Axline, VirginiaDibs: In Search of Self
35Jones, ErnestSigmund Freud, Life and Work vol. 2 Years of maturity 1901 - 1919
36Herbert, M.Emotional Problems of Development in children
37Jones, ErnestSigmund Freud, Life and Work vol. 3 The last phase 1919 - 1939
38Schur, M.Freud, Living and Dying
39Bachelard, G.The Psychoanalysis of Fire
40Erikson, E. H.Identity,Youth and Crisis
41Sutherland, J. D.Fairbairn's Journey into the Interior
42Stern, D. N.The Interpersonal World of the Infant
43McGuire, W.ed.The Freud / Jung letters
44Erikson, E. H.Young Man Luther, A study in psychoanalysis and history
45Erikson, E. H.Childhood and society
46Kubie, L. S.Neurotic distortion of the creative process
47Illich, I. D.Celebration of Awareness
48Box, Sally, ed. et al.Psychotherapy with Families: An Analytic Approach
49Buber, M.I and Thou
50Bowlby, JohnAttachment (Attachment and Loss Vol 1)
51Lacan, JacquesEcrits, A Selection
52Buber, M.The Knowledge of Man
53Ellenberger, H. F.The Discovery of the Unconscious
54Greenacre, PhyllisEmotional growth vol. i
55Greenacre, PhyllisEmotional growth vol. ii
56Roazen, PFreud and his followers
57Fisher, S. and Greenberg, R. P.The Scientific Credibility of Freud's Theories and Therapy
58Balbernie, RichardResidential Work With Children
59Schatzman, M.The Story of Ruth
60Beloff, J.The Existence of Mind
61Gorer, G.The Danger of Equality and other essays
62Jones, ErnestSigmund Freud, Four Centenary Addresses
63Winnicott, D. W.The Family and Individual Development(2nd dup)
64Gorer, G.Death, Grief and Mourning in Contemporary Britain
65Lidz, T.The PersonOct-19
66Winnicott, D. W.The Child and the Outside World
67Winnicott, D. W.The Child and the Family
68Balint, MichaelThrills and Regressions
69Leshan, L.The Medium, The Mystic and the Physicist
70Sharpe, E. F.Collected Papers on Psycho - analysis
71Lacan, JacquesThe Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis
72Bettleheim, BrunoFreud and Man's Soul
73Dolto, FDominique, Analysis of an Adolescent
74Rieff, P.Freud: The mind of the Moralist
75Arlow, J.A. & Brenner, C.Psychoanalytic Concepts and the Structural Theory (dup)
76Brown, J.A.C.Freud and the Post-Freudians
77Britton, R.,Feldman, M., et al.The Oedipus Complex Today: Clinical Implications
78Arlow, J.A. & Brenner, C.Psychoanalytic Concepts and the Structural Theory (2nd duplicate)
79Stuart, G.Private World of Pain
80Baron, C.Asylum to Anarchy
81Bernstein, S., ed.Further Explorations in Group Work
82Bollas, ChristopherThe Shadow of the Object
83Bruch, H.Conversations with Anorexics
84Casement, PatrickOn Learning from the Patient
85Casement, PatrickOn Learning from the Patient(dup)
86Carotenuto, A.The Vertical Labyrinth: Individuation in Jungian Psychology
87Clulow, C. & Mattinson, J.Marriage Inside Out: Understanding Problems of Intimacy
88Cooper, J.Speak of me as I am, the Life and Work of Masud Khan
89Cooper, R. and othersThresholds Between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
90Coltart, NinaSlouching Towards BethlehemOct-19
91Courtenay, M.Sexual Discord in Marriage
92Cox, MCoding the Therapeutic Process, Emblems of Encounter
93Cox, M.Structuring the Therapeutic Process. Compromise with Chaos
95Dockar-Drysdale, BarbaraThe Provision of Primary Experience
96Eisenstein, V. W.Neurotic Interaction in Marriage
97Campbell, J. (ed)Spirit and Nature: Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks Vol 1
98Erikson, E. H.Childhood and society (dup)
99Erikson, E. H.Insight and Responsibility
100Family Discussion BureauSocial Casework in Marital Problems
101Fliess, R. (ed)The Psychoanalytic Reader
102Fliess, R. (ed)Ego and Body Ego
103Fordham, MichaelThe Life of Childhood A contribution to Analytical Pschology
104Fordham, MichaelThe Objective Psyche
105Freud, AnnaThe Ego and the mechanisms of Defence
106Freud, AnnaNormality and Pathology in Childhood
107Freud, SigmundCollected papers vol. iii
108Freud, SigmundCollected papers vol. iv
109Freud, SigmundOn Dreams
110Freud, SigmundInhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety
111Freud, Sigmund & Rickman, J. edCivilisation, War and Death
112Guntrip, H.Personality Structure and Human Interaction
113Guntrip, H.Schizoid Phenomena, Object Relations and the Self
114HarvestVolume 30 1984
115Guntrip, H. and Hazell, J.(eds)Personal Relations Therapy
116Herman, NiniWhy Psychotherapy?
117Herman, NiniWhy Psychotherapy? (dup)
118Hobson, R. F.Forms of Feeling, The Heart of Psychotherapy
119Holmes and LindleyThe Values of Psychotherapy
120Horney, KarenNeurosis and Human Growth
121Inhelder, B. Sinclair, H. Bovet, M.Learning and the Development of Cognition
122Isaacs, SusanChildhood and after
124Jacobi, J.The Psychology of C. G. Jung
125Bion, WilfredAttention and Interpretation
126Bowlby, JohnMaternal Care and Mental Health
127Jung, C. GCW 03 The Psychogenesis of Mental Disease
128Jung, C. GCW 04 Freud and Psychoanalysis
129Jung, C. GCW 05 Symbols of Transformation
130Jung, C. GCW 07 Two essays on Analytical psychology
131Jung, C. GCW 13 Alchemical Studies
132Jung, C. GCW 08 The Structure and dynamics of the Psyche
133Jung, C. GCW 14 Mysterium Conjunctionis
134Jung, C. GCW 09 pt.1 The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
135Jung, C. GCW 09 pt.2 AION Researches/ Phenomenology of the self
136Jung, C. GCW 11 Psychology and religion: West and East
137Jung, C. GCW 12 Psychology and Alchemy
138Jung, C. GCW 16 The Practice of Psychotherapy
139Jung, C. GCW 09 pt.1 The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (dup)
140Jung, C. GCW 17 The Development of Personality
141Jung, C. GThe Integration of the Personality
143Jung, C. GAnalytical Psychology: its Theory and Practice
144Jung, C. GPsychology and ReligionOct-19
145Jung, C. GModern Man in Search of a Soul
146Jung, C. G. and Kerenyi, C.Introduction to a Science of Mythology
147Jung, C. G. and Pauli, W.The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche
148Kidel, Mark and Rowe-Leete, SusanThe Meaning of Illness
151Klein, MelanieEnvy and Gratitude
152Klein, MelanieNarrative of a Child Analysis
153Klein, Melanie et al.Developments in Psycho - Analysis
154Klein, Melanie et al. (eds)New Directions in Psycho - Analysis
155Laing, R. D. and EstersonSanity, Madness and the Family
157Laing, R. D.The Divided Self (dup)
158Lambert, K.Analysis, Repair and Individuation
159Roazen, PBrother Animal
160Lichtenstein and SmallA Handbook of Psychiatry
161Little, MargaretTransference Neurosis and Transference Psychosis
162Lomas, Peter (ed)The Predicament of the Family
163Lorenz, K.On Aggression
164Mankowitz, A.Change of Life
165Meltzer, DonaldThe Claustrum
166Miller, AliceThe Drama of the Gifted Child
167Miller, AliceThe Drama of the Gifted Child (dup)
168Miller, J. B.Toward a new Psychology of Women
169Milner, M.An Experiment in Leisure
170Milner, M.The Hands of the Living God
171Monick, E.Phallos, Sacred Image of the Masculine
172Perera, S. B.The Scapegoat Complex
173Perry, J. W.The Self in Psychotic Process
174Pincus, L.Death and the Family
176Rapoport and RapoportDual - Career FamiliesOct-19
177Rayner, EricHuman Development
178Reiner, B. and Kaufman, I.Character Disorders in Parents of Delinquents
179Roberts, J. and Pines, M. (eds)The Practice of Group Analysis
180Rowan, JThe Reality Game
181Rycroft, CharlesThe Innocence of Dreams
182Rycroft, CharlesAnxiety and Neurosis
184Rycroft, Charles (ed)Psychoanalysis Observed
186Schaer, H.Religion and the Cure of Souls in Jung's Psychology
187Segal, HannaThe Work of Hanna SegalOct-19
188Singer, I.The Goals of Human Sexuality
189Sizemore, C. C. and Pittillo, E. S.Eve
190Smail, D.Illusion and Reality, the Meaning of Anxiety
192Storr, A.Human Aggression
193Storr, A.Sexual Deviation
194Storr, A.The Integrity of the Personality
195Storr, A.The Dynamics of Creation(dup)
196Suttie, I. D.The Origins of Love and Hate
197Symington, NevilleThe Analytic Experience: Lectures from the TavistockWithdrawn
198Szasz, T. S.The Myth of Mental Illness
202Wickes, FrancesThe Inner World of Choice
203Wilhelm, R. and Jung, C. G.The Secret of the Golden Flower
204Winnicott, D. W.Through Paediatrics to Psychoanalysis (dup)Oct-19
205Winnicott, D. W.The Maturational Process and the Facilitating Environment
206Winnicott, D. W.The Piggle
207Winnicott, D. W.The Piggle (dup)
208Winnicott, D. W.The Family and Individual Development(dup)
209Winnicott, D. W.The Family and Individual Development
211Winnicott, D. W.Playing and Reality (dup)
212Wollheim, R.Freud (dup)
213Yalom, Irvin D.Existential Psychotherapy
214Samuels, AJung and the post - Jungians(dup)
215Bollas, ChristopherForces of Destiny
216Fordham, MichaelFreud, Jung, Klein - the fenceless field
217Newman, A.Non-compliance in Winnicott's Words
218Abram, JanIndividual Psychotherapy Trainings: A Guide
219Blos, PeterOn Adolescence: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation
220Bott Spillius, E (ed)Melanie Klein Today vol.1: Mainly Theory
221Bott Spillius, E (ed)Melanie Klein Today vol.2: Mainly Practice
222Steiner, JohnPsychic RetreatsWithdrawn
224Rayner, EricThe Independent Mind in British Psychoanalysis
225Box, Sally, ed. et al.Crisis at Adolescence: Object Relations Therapy with the Family
226Sidoli, M. and Davies, M.(ed)Jungian Child Psychotherapy Individuation in Childhood
227Fordham, MichaelExplorations into the Self
228Astor, JamesMichael Fordham: Innovations in Analytical Psychology
228Fordham, MichaelThe Self and Autism
230Freud, SigmundCollected papers vol. ii
231Psychoanalytic Inquiry vol.14, no.3Contemporary Kleinian Psychoanalysis
232Sandler, J., Dare, C. & Holder, A.The Patient and the Analyst
233Balint, MichaelThe Basic FaultOct-19
235Hazell, J.H. J. S. Guntrip, A Psychoanalytical Biography
236Mause, Lloyd deThe History of Childhood
237Bateman, A. & Holmes, J.Introduction to PsychoanalysisWithdrawn
238Bollas, ChristopherCracking Up:The Work of Unconscious ExperienceOct-19
240Klein, Melanie et al. (eds)New Directions in Psycho - Analysis(dup)
242Hinshelwood, R.D.Clinical Klein
243Joseph, B.Psychic Equilibrium and Psychic Change
244Singer, J.Boundaries of the Soul The Practice of Jung's Psychology
245Young, V.The Equality Complex: Lesbians in TherapyOct-19
246Klein, MelanieLove, Guilt and Reparation Writings vol. i
248Klein, MelanieEnvy and Gratitude Writings vol. iii
249Klein, MelanieNarrative of a Child Analysis Writings vol. iv
250Jung, C. GFour Archetypes: Mother, Rebirth, Spirit, Trickster
251Champernowne, I.Search for Meaning 1. The One and Only Me
252Jung, C. G.(ed)Man and his Symbols
253Epstein, MarkThoughts without a Thinker
254Apuleius, trans. Graves, RThe Golden Ass
255Van der Post, L.Jung and the story of Our Time
256Jung, C. GAnswer to Job
257Jung, C. GModern Man in Search of a Soul (dup)
258Sharpe, E. F.Collected Papers on Psycho - analysis (dup)
259Anzieu, Didier (ed)Psychic Envelopes
260Racker, HeinrichTransference and Countertransference
262Chasseguet-Smirgel, alFemale Sexuality
263McDougall, J.Theatres of the Mind
264Rycroft, CharlesImagination and Reality
265Coltart, NinaSlouching Towards Bethlehem (dup)
266Tatham, PeterThe Making of Maleness (dup)
267Ernst, Sheila & Maguire, Marie(eds)Living with the Sphinx
268Klein, MelanieContributions to Psychoanalysis 1921-1945
269Lacan, JacquesEcrits II - French edition
271Bettleheim, BrunoThe Empty Fortress
272Hildebrand, PeterBeyond Mid-Life Crisis
273Fromm-Reichmann, FriedaPsychoanalysis & Psychotherapy
274Fromm, ErichTo Have or to Be?
275Winnicott, D. W.Home is Where We Start From
276Yalom, Irvin D.Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy
277Lichtenstein, HeinzThe Dilemma of Human Identity
278Stewart, HaroldPsychic Experience & Problems of Technique
279Segal, HannaPsychoanalysis, Literature & War
280Sandler, Joseph & Dreher, Anna UrsulaWhat do Psychoanalysts Want?
281Rayner, EricUnconscious Logic
282Stewart, HaroldMichael Balint:Object Relations Pure and Applied
285Dockar-Drysdale, BarbaraTherapy/Consultation in Child Care
286Coltart, NinaThe Baby and the Bathwater
287Cooper, J. & Maxwell, N.(eds)Narcissistic Wounds
288King, P. & Steiner, R(eds)The Freud-Klein Controversies, 1941-45
289Copley, Beta & Forryan, BarbaraTherapeutic Work with Children and Young People
290Salzberger-WittenbergPsycho-Analytic Insight and Relationships
291Campbell, JosephThe Masks of God: Occidental Mythology
292Campbell, JosephThe Masks of God: Primitive Mythology
293Campbell, JosephThe Masks of God: Oriental Mythology
294Hillman, JamesHealing Fiction
295Von Franz, Marie-LouiseCreation Myths
296Von Franz, Marie-LouiseThe Feminine in Fairy Tales
297Von Franz, Marie-LouiseShadow and Evil in Fairy Tales
299Kalsched, DonaldThe Inner World of Trauma
300Isaacs, SusanSocial Development in Young Children
301Isaacs, SusanIntellectual Growth in Young Children
302Mann, DavidPsychotherapy: An Erotic Relationship
303Clark, Ronald W.Freud, The Man and the Cause
304Hannah, BarbaraEncounters with the Soul
305Mitchell, JulietPsychoanalysis and Feminism
306Read, SueOnly for a Fortnight
307Young-Eisendrath & WiedemannFemale Authority
308Zinkin, Louis, Zinkle, Hindle et al (eds)Dialogue in the Analytic Setting
309Matte Blanco, IgnatioThe Unconscious as Infinite Sets
310Schafer, RoyThe Analytic Attitude
312Bion, WilfredElements of Psychoanalysis
313Bion, WilfredTransformations
314Bion, WilfredSecond Thoughts
315Bion, WilfredBrazilian Lectures
317Mattoon, Mary AnnJungian Psychology after Jung
319Balint, MichaelPrimary Love & Psycho-Analytic Technique
321Bollas, ChristopherThe Mystery of Things
322Fairbairn, W.R.D.Psychoanalytic Studies of the Personality
323Klein, JosephineOur Need for Others and its Roots in InfancyWithdrawn
324Bowlby, JohnAttachment
325Bowlby, JohnSeparation
326Bowlby, JohnLoss
327Segal, HannaIntroduction to the Work of Melanie Klein
328Sharpe, E. F.Dream Analysis
329Greenson, RalphThe Technique and Practice of Psycho-Analysis Vol 1
330Fenichel, OttoThe Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis
332Searles, HaroldCollected Papers on Schizophrenia and Related Subjects
333Casement, PatrickFurther Learning from the Patient
335Herman, NiniMy Kleinian Home
336Wright, KennethVision and Separation
337Stone, Michael, ed.Essential Papers on Borderline Disorders
338McDougall, J.Plea for a Measure of Abnormality
339Bettleheim, BrunoRecollections and Reflections
340Segal, HannaIntroduction to the Work of Melanie Klein, New Ed.Oct-19
341Kohon, Gregorio (ed)The British School of Psycho-AnalysisWithdrawn
342Malcolm, JanetPsychoanalysis, the Impossible Profession
343Piontelli, AlessandroFrom Fetus to Child
344Anderson, Robin (ed)Clinical Lectures on Klein & Bion
345Brown, Dennis & Zinkin, Louis(eds)The Psyche and the Social World
346Bollas, ChristopherHysteria
347Cioffi, FrankFreud and the Question of Pseudoscience
348Macmillan, MalcolmFreud Evaluated
349Hinshelwood, R.D.A Dictionary of Kleinian Thought
350Hinshelwood, R.D.A Dictionary of Kleinian Thought (dup)Oct-19
351Davies, J.M. & Frawley, M.G.Treating the Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse
353Ogden, ThomasThe Matrix of the Mind
354Meltzer, DonaldThe Kleinian Development
355Little, MargaretPsychotic Anxieties and Containment
356Miller, AliceFor Your Own Good
357Grinberg, LeonThe Goals of Psychoanalysis
358Grosskurth, PhyllisThe Secret Ring
359Welldon, EstelaMother, Madonna, Whore
360Bion, WilfredExperiences in Groups (2nd dup)Withdrawn
361Schwarz & Silver(eds)Illness in the Analyst
362Ferenczi, SandorFurther Contributions to the Theory & Technique of Psycho-Analysis
363Ferenczi, SandorFinal Contributions to the Problems and Methods of Psycho-Analysis
364Abraham, KarlClinical Papers & Essays on Psycho-Analysis
365Abraham, KarlSelected Papers on Psycho-Analysis
366Jones, ErnestPapers on Psychoanalysis
367Jung, C. GCW 14a Aurora Consurgens
368Jung, C. GCW 18 The Symbolic Life
369Harding, CeliaSexuality, Psychoanalytic Perspectives
370Mitchell, JulietMad Men and MedusasOct-19
371Karr-Morse, R. & Wiley, Meredith S.Ghosts from the Nursery
372Fuller, PeterArt and Psychoanalysis
373Phillips, AdamDarwin's Worms
374Marris, PeterLoss and Change
376Miller, EricFrom Dependency to Autonomy
377May, RolloLove and Will
378Bion, WilfredThe Long Week-End 1897-1919
379Von Franz, Marie LouiseInterpretation of Fairytales
380Jung, C. GThe Undiscovered Self
381Guggenbuhl-Craig, AdolfEros on Crutches
383Laing, R. D.Self and Others
384Rogers, CarlEncounter GroupsOct-19
385Bowlby, JohnChild Care and the Growth of Love
386Fordham, FriedaAn Introduction to Jung's Psychology
387Robert, MartheFrom Oedipus to Moses
388Brown, Dennis & Pedder, JonathanIntroduction to Psychotherapy
389Barnes, Mary & Berke, JosephMary Barnes
390Reich, WilhelmReich Speaks of Freud
391Fromm, ErichFear of Freedom
392Ryle, AnthonyCognitive-Analytic Therapy: Active Participation in Change
393Segal, HannaKlein
394Morley, RobertIntimate Strangers
395Storr, A.The Art of Psychotherapy
396Stengel, IrwinSuicide & Attempted Suicide
397Crowcroft, AndrewThe Psychotic
398Miller, DavidThe New Polytheism
399Avens, RobertImagination is Reality
400Stewart, R.J., ed.Psychology and the Spiritual Traditions
401Guggenbuhl-Craig, AdolfPower in the Helping ProfessionsWithdrawn
402Guggenbuhl-Craig, AdolfMarriage Dead or AliveOct-19
403Claremont de Castillejo, IreneKnowing Woman
404Watts, AlanPsychotherapy East and West
405Wickes, FrancesThe Inner World of Childhood
406Progoff, IraThe Symbolic and the Real
407Yungblut, John R.Shaping a Personal Myth to Live By
408Harding, M. EstherThe Way of All Women
409Wickes, FrancesThe Inner World of Man
410Maslow, AbrahamToward a Psychology of Being
411Stafford-Clark, DavidWhat Freud Really Said
412Winnicott, D. W.Therapeutic Consultations in Child Psychiatry
413Liebman, Samuel(ed)Emotional Forces in the Family
414Glasser, WilliamReality Therapy
415Frankl, ViktorPsychotherapy and Existentialism
416Balint, MichaelThe Doctor, His Patient and the Illness, 2nd Ed.
417Guntrip, H.Psychoanalytic Theory, Therapy, and the Self
418Freud, AnnaIndications for Child Analysis
419Macnab, Francis A.Estrangement and Relationship
420Horney, KarenNew Ways in Psychoanalysis
421Reich, WilhelmCharacter Analysis
422Glover, EdwardThe Technique of Psycho-Analysis
423White, Robert W.Ego & Reality in Psychoanalytic Theory
424Davis, D. RussellAn Introduction to Psychopathology
426Alister, I. & Hauke, C (eds)Contemporary Jungian Analysis
427Gardner, FionaSelf-harm, a Psychotherapeutic ApproachOct-19
428Jung, C. GCW 01 Psychiatric Studies
429Jung, C. GCW 02 Experimental Researches
430Jung, C. GCW 06 Psychological Types
431Jung, C. GCW 10 Civilization and Transition, 2nd Edition
432Jung, C. GCW 15 The Spirit in Man, Art and Literature
433Jung, C. GCW 19 General Bibliography of CGJ's Writings
434Jung, C. GCW 20 General Index to CW of CGJ
435Chesner, A & Hahn, H.Creative Advances in Groupwork
436Damasio, AntonioThe Feeling of What Happens
437Howard, AlexPhilosophy for Counselling and Psychotherapy
438Caper, RobertA Mind of One's Own
440Vanier, AlainLacan
441Farrell, EmLost for Words
442Kaplan-Solms, K. & Solms, M.Clinical Studies in Neuro-Psychoanalysis, 2nd Ed.
444Kirsner, DouglasUnfree Associations
445Dimen, M. & Harris, A(eds)Storms in Her Head
446Pally, ReginaThe Mind-Brain Relationship
447Sandler, Sandler & Davies (eds)Clinical and Observational Psychoanalytic Research
448Deutsch, Helene; ed. RoazenPsychoanalysis of the Sexual Function of Women
449Greenacre, PhyllisTrauma, Growth and Personality
450Limentani, AdamBetween Freud and Klein
452Resnik, SalomonMental Space
453Riviere, JoanThe Inner World and Joan Riviere; papers 1920-58
454Solms & Saling, eds.(Freud papers)A Moment of Transition
455Stoller, RobertSexual Excitement
456Hyatt Williams, ArthurCruelty, Violence and Murder
457Alexandris, A. & Vaslamatzis, G., eds.Countertransference
458Segal, HannaDream, Phantasy and Art
459Palmer Barnes, FionaComplaints and Grievances in Psychotherapy
460May, RolloPower and Innocence (dup)
461Barrows, KateEnvyOct-19
462Young, RobertOedipus Complex
463Pajaczkowska, ClairePerversion
464Segal, JuliaPhantasy
465Ward, IvanPhobia
466Bell, DavidParanoia
467Mollon, PhilThe Unconscious
468Abel-Hirsch, NicolaEros
469Kahr, BrettExhibitionism
470Bollas, ChristopherFree Association
471Welldon, EstelaSadomasochism
472Singh, KaluSublimation
474Borossa, JuliaHysteria
477Music, GrahamAffect and Emotion
478Holmes, JeremyDepression
479Tangney & Fischer(eds)Self-Conscious Emotions
480Grotstein, J.S., & Rinsley, D. B.Fairbairn and the Origins of Object Relations
481Gordon, RosemaryDying and Creating: A Search for Meaning
482English, H. B. & English, A. C.A Comprehensive Dictionary of Psychological and Psychoanalytical Terms
483van Ooijin, E.Clinical Supervision Made Easy
484Schreurs, AgnetaPsychotherapy and Spirituality
485Bosselman, B. C.Neurosis and Psychosis
486Taylor, G. J.Psychosomatic Medicine and Contemporary Psychoanalysis
487Hall, C. S. & Lindzey, G.Theories of Personality
488Spotnitz, H. & Meadow, P. W.Treatment of the Narcissistic Neuroses
489Reich, AnniePsychoanalytic Contributions
490Menninger, K. A. & Holzman, P. S.Theory of Psychoanalytic Technique
491Fenichel, OttoThe Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis (dup)
492Beier, E. G.The Silent Language of Psychotherapy
493Eissler, R. S. et al.Psychoanalytic Assessment: The Diagnostic Profile
494Malan, DavidIndividual Psychotherapy and the Science of Psychodynamics
495Langer, MarieFrom Vienna to Managua
496Sloane, PaulPsychoanalytic Understanding of the Dream
497Kutter, PeterBasic Aspects of Psychoanalytic Group TherapyOct-19
498Deutsch, HeleneThe Psychology of Women; Vol. 1 Girlhood
499Reich, WilhelmThe Mass Psychology of Fascism
500Angyal, AndrasNeurosis and Treatment: A Holistic Theory
501Rycroft, CharlesReich
502Rank, OttoThe Trauma of Birth
503Reich, WilhelmCharacter Analysis (dup)
504Reich, WilhelmSelected Writings
506Heimann, PaulaAbout Children and Children-No-Longer
507Likierman, MoiraMelanie Klein: Her Work in Context
508Weegman, M. & Cohen, R. (eds)The Psychodyanamics of Addiction
510Jenkins, P., Keter, V. & Stone, J.Psychotherapy and the Law
511Bollas, C. & Sundelson, D.The New Informants
512Khan, MasudThe Privacy of the Self
513O'Connor, Noreen & Ryan, JoannaWild Desires and Mistaken Identities
514Rycroft, CharlesPsychoanalysis and Beyond (dup)
515Casement, PatrickOn Learning from the Patient (2nd dup)
516Bollas, ChristopherForces of Destiny (dup)
517Cooper, JSpeak of me as I am, the Life and Work of Masud Khan (dup)
518Wright, KennethVision and Separation (dup)
519Steiner, JohnPsychic Retreats (dup)
520Sinason, Valerie (ed)Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity
521Symington, NevilleThe Analytic Experience: Lectures from the Tavistock (2nd duplicate)
522Symington, NevilleNarcissism: A New Theory (dup)
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