Orchard Street Therapy Rooms to remain open

Orchard Street is remaining open to practitioners.  Practitioners may use it for remote or in-person work which cannot, in their clinical judgement, be done effectively from home; naturally, they will be guided by their professional body (as an example, BPC’s most recent Covid update for practitioners can be found here) and their personal circumstances and the needs of their patients/clients in making this judgement. The ordinary booking conditions will remain in place.

The updated Government guidanceunderpinned by law, states that mental health services may remain open, and that people may leave home to obtain these services (see part 2, point 6 of the main document, page 6;  and the Schedule at the end of it, part 3, point 47, page 32).

Businesses permitted to remain open, must follow Covid Secure guidelines; OSTR has implemented robust Covid Secure measures including air filtration machines, and ventilation, sanitisation and distancing protocols.

  • For more information on the safety and hygiene measures in place at 11 Orchard Street, please read OSTR’s earlier post here.
  • To enquire about room availability at 11 Orchard Street please don’t hesitate to get in touch.