The Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy (SIP)
   Psychoanalytic psychotherapy training in Bristol.
   Psychotherapy services in Bristol and the South of England.


Welcome. The Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy (SIP) is a professional association of psychoanalytical psychotherapists, and a training institute in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It is based in Bristol. We offer:

SIP is a member institute of the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC).

All our members have professional qualifications, having trained to a high standard within SIP or another recognised training organisation. Members offering psychotherapy are all registered with BPC, and work to our Code of Ethics. SIP is an equal opportunities organisation.

SIP has members in Bristol, Bath, and other areas of the South West, South, and West of England.


Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy, 11 Orchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5EH.